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Wilson A360 Youth Catchers Mitt

Wilson A360 Youth Catchers Mitt

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The A360 CM315 Catcher's Mitt, designed with our revolutionary CarbonLite Shell, is the ideal choice for players embarking on their journey behind the plate. This 31.5" model features a Half Moon Web and an innovative Velcro design for enhanced comfort and control. With the perfect fusion of CarbonLite and leather, you get a mitt that's not only incredibly durable but also astonishingly lightweight.

Key Features:

  • CarbonLite Shell: Reducing weight without compromising durability, the CarbonLite Shell sets a new standard in mitt design, ensuring you're always at the top of your game.

  • Timeless Aesthetic: The black/grey leather offers a timeless look, blending style with performance for a mitt that stands out on the field.

  • Velcro Design: The Velcro design simplifies in-game adjustments, providing convenience and adaptability to your playing style.

  • Youth Model: Specifically designed for younger players, this mitt is tailored to their needs and preferences, ensuring an optimal fit and performance.

Invest in the A360 CM315 Catcher's Mitt, and experience the power of cutting-edge design and lightweight durability. It's the ultimate companion for players starting their journey behind the plate.

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