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Primary School Package 2 - With Catchers Gear

Primary School Package 2 - With Catchers Gear

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Introducing the "Primary School Baseball Package" – a complete set of essential baseball equipment carefully curated to kickstart the sports journey for young athletes and primary school teams. This comprehensive package includes all the necessary gear to foster skill development, teamwork, and countless hours of fun on the field.

Package Contents:

1 x Diamond Catcher's Set: Equip your primary school team with top-notch safety and protection. Our Diamond Catcher's Set ensures that your catcher is well-protected behind the plate, with a helmet, chest protector, and leg guards included for complete coverage.

9 x 11" Moon Shot Gloves: Our high-quality 11" Moon Shot gloves are perfect for young hands eager to catch and field with precision. These gloves offer excellent control and comfort, allowing budding athletes to showcase their fielding prowess with confidence. We can change the size if required. 

2 x Louisville Slugger Bats: The Louisville Slugger Bats are ideal for young sluggers looking to master their hitting techniques. Crafted for durability and performance, these bats deliver exceptional control and power at the plate.

1 x Diamond Team Bag: Stay organized and transport your equipment effortlessly with our spacious team bag. It's designed to accommodate all your gear, ensuring you're ready for practices and games without missing a beat.

6 x Flexiball: The Flexiball is a must-have for skill-building and practicing throws and catches. Its soft and flexible construction makes it perfect for young players to develop their pitching and catching skills safely.

1 x Tee: Our adjustable tee is the ultimate tool for refining hitting techniques. Whether for practice or drills, this tee provides stability and ease of use to help your young athletes improve their batting skills.

4 x Helmets: Safety first! Equip your team with our durable helmets to protect young heads during practice and game time. These helmets are designed to provide a secure fit and ensure peace of mind on the field.

1 x Base Set: Set up your field quickly and easily with our complete base set. It includes all the bases required for a full game, ensuring your team can focus on perfecting their base-running and fielding skills.

1 x Umpire Indicator: Keep track of the game with our reliable umpire indicator. It's an essential tool for umpires to signal strikes, balls, and outs, ensuring smooth and fair gameplay.

The "Primary School Baseball Package" is tailored to meet the needs of budding athletes and primary school teams, offering high-quality equipment to inspire a lifelong love of baseball. Whether it's learning to catch, perfecting the swing, or mastering base-running, this package has it all. Get ready to embark on an exciting sports journey with this comprehensive set that promises hours of skill-building and memorable moments on the field!

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