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Moonshot Tru-flite Ball - 9 inch

Moonshot Tru-flite Ball - 9 inch

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Elevate your training regimen with Moonshot Truflite Wiffle Balls – the flexible, durable, and reliable choice for aspiring hitters and seasoned pros alike.

  • Flexible and Durable: Built to last, these wiffle balls are crafted with flexibility and toughness, ensuring they can withstand rigorous training sessions without losing their shape.

  • Collapsible Design: Upon impact, the ball collapses momentarily, absorbing the force of the hit, and swiftly returns to its original shape without any cracks or damage, prolonging its lifespan.

  • Instant Feedback: Experience immediate feedback with every swing as the Moonshot Truflite responds dynamically to contact, allowing you to refine your technique with accuracy and precision.

  • True Flight: Square up your hits and watch them fly true, giving you the confidence to perfect your swing and improve your game.

  • Limited Flight Trajectory: Designed with a limited flight trajectory, these wiffle balls are perfect for indoor or outdoor training sessions where space is limited, allowing you to practice effectively in smaller areas.

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