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Mizuno Prime Elite 33.5" Baseball Catcher Mitt

Mizuno Prime Elite 33.5" Baseball Catcher Mitt

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Elevate your catching game to the elite level with the Mizuno Prime Elite Catcher's Baseball Glove, a pinnacle of craftsmanship designed to provide the ultimate performance on the field.

Key Features:

  • Stiffer Feel for Superior Control: While it may require a break-in period, the stiffer feel of this glove offers exceptional control and precision, ensuring you can confidently handle any play.

  • Classic Colorway: The brown and light tan colorway exudes timeless style, complementing your performance with a touch of sophistication.

  • Designed for High School to Adult Hands: This glove is expertly designed to fit a high school-to-adult-sized hand, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for players of various ages and skill levels.

  • Index Finger Pad: The index finger pad on the shell backing not only provides added protection but also enhances comfort during those intense plays behind the plate.

  • Oil Soft Plus Leather: Crafted from Oil Soft Plus Leather, this glove features a balance of oil and softness while maintaining firmness, ensuring both durability and a luxurious feel.

  • Optimal Size: With a 33.5-inch circumference, this glove is recommended exclusively for catchers, offering the ideal size for effective performance.

  • Conventional Open Backing: The conventional open backing adds flexibility and allows for quick adjustments, giving you the freedom to adapt to any situation.

  • Two-Piece, Closed Web: The two-piece, closed web design provides enhanced control and stability when catching pitches.

  • Finger Core Technology: The new finger stall shape improves flexibility and comfort, ensuring you can move naturally and confidently.

  • UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner: The UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner offers a soft feel when catching a baseball, enhancing your comfort and grip.

  • Perforated Paneling: The perforated paneling on the back of the pinky and thumb reduces weight and increases breathability, keeping your hand comfortable even during long games.

Experience the Mizuno Prime Elite Catcher's Baseball Glove, a symbol of excellence in the world of baseball. It's more than just a mitt; it's your key to elite-level performance and confidence on the field.

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