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Marucci - Full Coverage Elbow Guard

Marucci - Full Coverage Elbow Guard

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Marucci Full Coverage Elbow Guard

Upgrade your game with the Marucci Full Coverage Elbow Guard, designed to meet the high standards of Big League hitters. Engineered for optimal protection and comfort, this elbow guard offers maximum coverage while maintaining flexibility and freedom of movement.


  • Movable, Secure Design: Ensures maximum coverage without restricting motion.
  • Full Elbow Bone Coverage: Eliminates potential exposure to impact when worn correctly.
  • Flexible Triceps and Forearm Pad Sections: Extend the protection area for comprehensive coverage.
  • Durable Mesh Fabric Outer Shell: Provides long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear.


  • Brand: Marucci
  • Available Colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Purple
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Weight: Lightweight design for enhanced comfort
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash and air dry for best results

Protect your elbow with the Marucci Full Coverage Elbow Guard and step up to the plate with confidence. Available in a variety of colors to match your team’s look, this guard combines superior protection with the comfort and flexibility you need to perform your best

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