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Hack Attack Junior

Hack Attack Junior

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Baseball or Softball

Introducing the Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine – the ultimate training tool for aspiring baseball and softball players. Please note that we do not have these in stock; we will order these in for you after you place your order. They typically arrive in 4-6 weeks. To inquire further, please contact Andrew at

The Junior Hack Attack brings all the cutting-edge features of the Hack Attack Professional Pitching Machine into a portable and versatile package. Whether you're honing your skills for youth league baseball, backyard games, machine pitch competitions, travel teams, or drills at all levels, including high school, college, and professional, this pitching machine is your go-to training companion.

Key Features:

Patented Three-Wheel Design: The Junior Hack Attack features the patented three-wheel design that provides unparalleled visibility of the ball's trajectory, allowing you to see it clearly as it leaves the machine. This feature enhances your ability to track and time your swings accurately.

Versatile Pitching: This machine can deliver a wide range of pitches, including 70+ mph fastballs and various breaking pitches, all from a distance of 45 feet. It can even launch fly balls up to an impressive 250 feet, perfect for outfield practice.

Quick Conversion: The Junior Hack Attack is the only pitching machine that can swiftly convert to throw a special 7.5" diameter vision training ball, helping players improve their ball-tracking skills and timing.

Portability: Weighing in at just 96 lbs., this pitching machine is highly portable and can be effortlessly moved on and off the field. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for players and coaches on the go.

Quick Recovery: Thanks to the three-wheel design, the Junior Hack Attack boasts a rapid recovery time of just 5 seconds, ensuring that you can get through your practice drills efficiently.

Compatible with Various Balls: This machine is designed for use with regulation leather baseballs, dimpled practice balls, Wiffle® balls, and soft practice balls. (Note: Synthetic leather balls are not recommended as they wear quickly and may leave a residue on the wheels).

The Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Elevate your baseball and softball training sessions with a machine that offers precision, versatility, and efficiency. Order yours now, and in just 4-6 weeks, you'll have the ultimate training tool at your disposal, helping you achieve your best performance on the field. For inquiries and orders, please contact Andrew at

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