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Diamond Catchers Set - Red

Diamond Catchers Set - Red

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Elevate Your Game with the Diamond Adult Catchers Set!

The Diamond Catchers Set is your ultimate choice for top-notch baseball protection and performance. This set includes:

  • Helmet (DCH-EDGE CORE X - Large): Providing superior head protection with a comfortable fit, this large-sized helmet keeps you focused on the game.

  • Chest Protector (DCP-CORE - Large): Stay safe behind the plate with a large-sized chest protector that offers excellent coverage and impact resistance.

  • Leg Guards (DLG-IX5-175 - 17.5"): These 17.5" leg guards ensure optimal lower body protection while allowing you to move with agility.

Gear up like a pro and dominate the game with the Diamond Catchers Set. Safety, comfort, and performance are at your fingertips. Get ready to make game-changing plays!

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