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College Sport Package 2 - Elite

College Sport Package 2 - Elite

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Introducing the "College Sport Baseball and Softball Package 2 - Elite" – the pinnacle of comprehensive equipment sets tailored to meet the demands of college-level athletes and teams. This elite package includes top-of-the-line gear for both baseball and softball, ensuring your team is equipped to perform at their best in every aspect of the game.

Package Contents:

1 x All-Star Catchers Set: Elevate your team's catching game to an elite level with the All-Star Catchers Set. This high-performance set includes a premium helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and a mitt, providing unparalleled protection and comfort for your catcher in both baseball and softball.

1 x Batting Screen: Enhance your batting practice sessions with our durable batting screen. It offers maximum protection for pitchers during practice and allows hitters to focus on refining their skills with confidence in both baseball and softball.

1 x Pro Model Batting Tee: Give your hitters the best tools with the Pro Model Batting Tee. It offers advanced adjustability and stability, making it the perfect tool for honing hitting techniques in both baseball and softball.

12 x Leather Fielders Gloves: Equip your team with elite leather fielders' gloves. Crafted for precision, durability, and maximum control, these gloves are designed to elevate the defensive performance of your athletes in both baseball and softball.

5 x Batters Helmets: Prioritize safety with our top-of-the-line batters' helmets. They meet the highest safety standards, ensuring the utmost protection for your athletes at the plate, whether in baseball or softball.

2 x Bats: Provide your hitters with high-quality bats designed for superior performance and consistency. These elite bats are engineered to help your college athletes maximize their hitting potential, ensuring excellence at the plate in both baseball and softball.

1 x Dozen Leather Balls: Elevate your game with a dozen premium leather balls, suitable for both baseball and softball. These balls are designed to deliver consistent performance and durability, making them ideal for college-level play. Baseball or Softball.

1 x Team Gear Bag with Wheels: Stay organized and transport your equipment effortlessly with our spacious team gear bag featuring wheels. It's designed to accommodate all your elite gear, ensuring you're fully prepared for practices, games, and travel in both baseball and softball.

The "College Sport Baseball and Softball Package 2 - Elite" is tailored to provide college-level athletes with the best equipment available in both baseball and softball. Whether it's elite catching gear, top-notch batting equipment, high-quality gloves, or premium helmets, this package has it all. Prepare your team for an extraordinary season filled with skill refinement and outstanding performance on the college baseball and softball fields!

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