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13" Moonshot White Lightning

13" Moonshot White Lightning

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Introducing the Moonshot White Lightning 13" Synthetic Leather Baseball/Softball Glove: Unbeatable Affordability in a Larger Package

Brand: Moonshot Moonshot brings you the White Lightning series, where affordability takes center stage. The Moonshot White Lightning 13" Synthetic Leather Baseball/Softball Glove is designed to make baseball and softball accessible to players on a budget.

Model: White Lightning The White Lightning glove is your go-to choice if you're looking for an incredibly budget-friendly option. Crafted from synthetic leather, it offers remarkable affordability without compromising functionality.

Size: 13 Inch With a generous 13-inch size, the White Lightning glove provides ample coverage. It's a perfect fit for baseball and softball players, giving you the advantage of a larger glove without a hefty price tag.

Trapeze Web: Precision Fielding Featuring a trapeze web, this glove delivers precision in fielding without breaking the bank. You'll be able to handle softballs and grounders with confidence, making those plays effortlessly.

Sport: Baseball/Softball The White Lightning glove is a versatile choice suitable for both baseball and softball. Whether you're playing on the diamond or the softball field, this glove is the affordable companion to elevate your game.

Sleek Black with White Piping: Sporting a sleek black design with white piping, the White Lightning glove doesn't just feel great; it looks good too. It's a glove that complements your style while keeping your budget intact.

Get in the Game Faster: Easy Break-In The White Lightning glove features an easy break-in process, so you can get in the game faster and with minimal effort. Spend less time breaking in your glove and more time enjoying the sport.

In summary, the Moonshot White Lightning 13" Synthetic Leather Baseball/Softball Glove offers unbeatable affordability in a larger size. Whether you're a beginner or a budget-conscious player, this glove allows you to enjoy the game without straining your wallet. It's your affordable ticket to confidently step onto the field and make those plays. Elevate your game with Moonshot White Lightning.

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