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11.75" Under Armour Genuine Pro

11.75" Under Armour Genuine Pro

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Dominate the Diamond with the Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75" Baseball Glove

When it comes to superior performance and quality on the baseball field, the Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75" Baseball Glove stands out as the ultimate choice. Precision-engineered and designed for professional-level play, this glove redefines excellence in baseball gear.

Unmatched Japanese Tanned 306T Leather: Crafted from Japanese tanned 306T leather, this glove showcases a tighter grain pattern, significantly increasing its overall strength. You can trust this glove to withstand the toughest plays and seasons, time and time again.

Premium Full-Grain Hide: The Genuine Pro 11.75" Baseball Glove features full-grain hide, capturing the entire grain with finer, more densely packed fibers. This premium leather not only provides extraordinary durability but also delivers a superior feel, ensuring you're always in control.

Unparalleled Softness: Experience a softer hand that elevates the feel of this glove to an entirely new level. Under Armour's commitment to comfort ensures you have a glove that feels like an extension of your hand, allowing you to make plays with precision.

Professional-Level Inserts: Equipped with professional-level felt inserts, this glove enhances its responsiveness to break-in. You can quickly customize the glove to your liking while ensuring it maintains its shape over the course of one or even multiple seasons. 

Perfect 11.75" Size: With an 11.75-inch design, this glove is the perfect size for dominating the diamond. It strikes the ideal balance between coverage and agility, making it suitable for various positions on the field.

Trapeze Web for Versatility: Featuring a Trapeze web, this glove offers versatility and adaptability for fielding all types of balls. Whether you're snagging line drives or fielding pop-ups, this glove has you covered.

Elegant Black/Caramel Color Scheme: With its striking black and caramel color scheme, the Genuine Pro 11.75" Baseball Glove not only performs at the highest level but also makes a stylish statement on the field.

Factory Forming for Quick Break-In: With a 7.5FF (factory forming) design, this glove initiates the first 25% of the standard break-in process right from the start. You can confidently take this glove from the box to the game, ready to perform at your best.

Choose the Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75" Baseball Glove and experience the pinnacle of baseball performance. With its premium materials, professional-level features, and precision design, this glove empowers you to make game-changing plays and dominate the diamond like a pro. Elevate your game with Under Armour today.

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