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11.75" Mizuno Prime Elite Glove

11.75" Mizuno Prime Elite Glove

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  • Mizuno Prime Elite 11.75" Baseball Glove: GPE1176

This Prime Elite will be the glove that third basemen and shortstops are reaching to use this season!

Glove Benefits

If you want to take a step up regarding glove quality, then definitely consider getting a Prime Elite glove from Mizuno. This glove will be made from smooth-feeling leather that is designed to be durable and last for many seasons. Since it is designed to be durable, it is going to be a little bit stiffer and require some extra time to get game-ready. However, if you see the break-in process through, you should be extremely excited about the fruits of your labor.

One particular region of the glove that received a lot of attention from Mizuno was the hand slot. Mizuno added their UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner within the slot that will allow for an extremely soft and comfortable experience when wearing the glove. As well, they added Finger Core Technology to the hand slot which provides a more optimal shape to allow for flexibility and control when closing the glove on a baseball. And in addition, the Finger Core Tech makes these gloves easier to wear with both the ring & pinky finger within the pinky slot of the glove!

Mizuno has built this particular glove to dominate the left side of the infield. It has an 11.75-inch length which will give shortstops and third basemen a little extra glove length plus the confidence to charge soft grounders with just their glove hand.


  • UltraSoft Pro Inner Palm Liner - Provides A Soft Feel & Finish For Your Hand While It Is In The Glove

  • Colorway: Black | Brown | Tan Lacing

  • Conventional Open Backing

  • Perforated Thumb & Pinky Panel - Removes Leather From These Two Sections Of The Glove & Lightens Up The Weight Of The Glove

  • Finger Core Technology - New Finger Stall Shape Improves Flexibility & Control When Catching Or Fielding A Ground Ball. Also Assists In Making It Easier To Wear Your Ring & Pinky Fingers In The Pinky Stall.


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