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11.5" Mizuno Pro Select Glove

11.5" Mizuno Pro Select Glove

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  • Leather Shell Is Built With US Steerhide That Is Firm & Durable -PLUS- It Should Mold To The Manner You Hold & Close The Glove As You Get It Game-Ready

  • Durable Grip Palm Liner - Embossed, Full Grain Leather On The Inside Of The Glove Provides The Palm A Better Grip On The Glove And Therefore Makes The Palm More Effective At Closing It.

  • Colorway: Black

  • Conventional Open Backing

  • Thumb Slot Should Provide Extra Padding To Allow For More Comfort & A Secure Fit

Mizuno Pro Select 11.5" Baseball Glove: GPS2-400S

Nab this Pro Select baseball glove from JustGloves and start defending 3B & SS with style and confidence!

Glove Benefits

The Pro Select gloves are going to be some of the most dependable on the glove market! Mizuno has constructed them from US Steerhide leather that is going to be up to the challenge of enduring the most grueling high school, college and professional seasons!

This specific glove’s pocket is built to be shallow in its design. The length will be 11.50 inches and since Mizuno is constructing it with a shallow pocket, it should not be a difficult chore for the throwing hand to pull the baseball from the glove. Due to that shallow distinction, you'll probably find that the glove closes more with a thumb -to- index finger orientation.

Lastly, the length of the glove will lend itself to being used across the infield at 2B, SS and even at 3B. If you are a player that is pretty versatile on the infield, definitely consider this Mizuno Pro Select!

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