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11.5" Under Armour Genuine Pro

11.5" Under Armour Genuine Pro

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Elevate Your Infield Game with the Under Armour Genuine Pro I-Web 11.5" Baseball Glove

For infielders seeking the ultimate in fielding performance, the Under Armour Genuine Pro I-Web 11.5" Baseball Glove is the go-to choice. Crafted with precision and designed for professional-level play, this glove represents the pinnacle of excellence in baseball gear.

Unrivaled Japanese Tanned 306T Leather: The Genuine Pro I-Web 11.5" Baseball Glove is constructed from Japanese tanned 306T leather. This specialized leather boasts a tighter grain pattern, increasing overall strength and ensuring your glove can withstand the rigors of the infield, season after season.

Superior Full-Grain Hide: With full-grain hide containing the entire grain featuring finer, more densely packed fibers, this glove showcases exceptional durability while providing a premium feel. You'll experience unmatched control and confidence with every play.

Professional-Level Inserts: Equipped with professional-level felt inserts, this glove improves its responsiveness to break-in. Not only does it expedite the break-in process, but it also helps the glove maintain its shape over time, ensuring consistent performance.

Perfect Size for Infielders: Measuring 11.5 inches, this glove is tailor-made for infield positions. Its size strikes the perfect balance between agility and coverage, allowing you to make lightning-fast plays while maintaining control.

I-Web Pattern for Precision: Featuring the I-Web pattern, this glove offers precision in the field. You'll scoop up ground balls, execute double plays, and make those crucial throws with ease and accuracy.

Open Back Design: The open back design of this glove provides flexibility and breathability, ensuring your hand stays comfortable and nimble, even during the hottest innings.

Factory Forming for Quick Break-In: With a 7.5FF (factory forming) design, this glove initiates the first 25% of the standard break-in process right from the start. It's a game-changer, allowing you to get your glove to a game-ready state faster than ever before.

Choose the Under Armour Genuine Pro I-Web 11.5" Baseball Glove and experience the pinnacle of infield performance. With its premium materials, professional-level features, and precision design, this glove is your ticket to making game-changing plays and dominating the diamond. Elevate your game with Under Armour today.

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